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We are glad to welcome you at our site!
Officially our kennel is very young. It was found on 16.11.2005.
But it started on March 1997, when my childhood dream came true - there appeared a DOBERMANN in my life.
It was Engel - Eve - Evy... she was a real dobermann.
A girl with strong character, faithful. And she loved our children immensely....
her life in our home became a good school for us, a school of communication of a person and a dobermann....
To our regret her show career never started because that time we were busy.
Our baby's sudden death became a big tragedy for us. She went away....
She went.... and a part of our soul, heart and love went with her... Memories are left.
We will never forget you - our first dobermann.

Alan Briz is a small kennel at the shore of Azov Sea, we plan to work with the best that is in the DOBERMANN.
Breeding is an art, it demands passion, talent, love and resposibility.
Our task is to breed a DOBERMANN with steady psyche, a friend, a worker, a protector, a companion. Phisically strong and ellegant.